Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blood transplant expected to save girl's life

"The 100th cord blood transplant of the year in Shanghai yesterday was expected to save the life of a nine-year-old girl".

I think that we will see this number in the thousands in the future as the true potential of cord blood stem cells are realized.  We as a society have much to look forward to in the advancement of medicine using stem cells I believe and future generations will see even more benefit from these precious stem cells!

Leukemia Survivor Credits Her Life to Tiny Blood Donors

Jennifer Jones Austin works as a lawyer and child advocate in Brooklyn, N.Y., devoting her talents to protecting at-risk children. So it may be fitting that in Austin's own hour of need, her life was saved by donations from two newborn children.
Austin survived leukemia in 2010 because she received transfusions of stem cells donated from umbilical cord blood that had been drawn shortly after the children's birth."

We are seeing more and more stories where stem cells collected from a child's umbilical cord blood are taking the place of traditional bone-marrow transplants and sometimes eliminating the need of radiation and/or chemotherapy treatments. This is a great story! 

Monday, October 10, 2011

This is another video I enjoyed. Sometimes videos can say more than just typed words one can read. I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

This is a great video aired on Fox News that I enjoyed watching. Cord Blood banking is one of the best choices I ever made as a parent but I was only able to make the decision by becoming educated about why saving cord blood is so important. I urge ALL parents to take time and learn how this could be a potentially life-saving decision.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Cord blood transplants a viable option in leukemia | Reuters

Cord blood transplants a viable option in leukemia | Reuters:

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The leaps and bounds being made by stem cells in treating and potentially curing certain diseases AMAZES ME! This offering of new hope is refreshing. I hope more will learn and see the power behind cord blood stem cells!

Umbilical Cord Blood: Save It and Save Lives - CBS News

Umbilical Cord Blood: Save It and Save Lives - CBS News:

This is a great article that shows just how important it is to save umbilical cord blood stem cells whether by private banking or public donation. Countless lives are being lost due to the inability to find a bone marrow or umbilical cord blood match for such diseases as leukemia and lymphoma. Every sample that is discarded just lowers the odds of someone's hope of finding a match and a possible "new lease on life".
Can you imagine one day in the future being able to say "we can now treat leukemia (the most common of all cancers in people under the age of 18) like we do as a cough or cold? Is it that far fetched to believe that one day those fighting certain cancers may not be waiting years on end for a suitable match? I think that anything and everything is possible.
Stem cells are truly "revolutionizing the way the medical community is treating diseases" and one of the richest sources of those stem cells are from a child's umbilical cord blood. The only way that we can see the "TRUE POTENTIAL" of what stem cells can do is by having enough available for those brave souls battling these life-threatening diseases. Do your part and make the decision to bank either privately of donate publicly. Encourage others to do the same. This decision could not only potentially save a life, it could possibly save the life of what any parent holds most dear to their hearts, the "OWN" child!

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Your baby can save a life -

Your baby can save a life -

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The title says it all: Whether you save your baby's umbilical cord blood privately for their own personal future use or donate it to go on one of the public registries, those stem cells in your child's cord blood could SAVE A LIFE. I think its worth repeating, these stem cells could SAVE A LIFE.
It is no secret that stem cells from a child's cord blood have in the past, at the present moment, and will continue in the future to treat or CURE over 75 diseases. This is just the tip of the iceberg. What the next 5, 10, 15 years will bring in regards to treatment options I think are limitless. 23 states as the writing of this post have passed some form of legislation to increase awareness and education to expecting families about what cord blood banking is all about.
The issue is even with these measures taken, over 90% of deliveries in the United States will discard the cord blood as medical waste. Regardless a parent's decision to bank private or public donation, more awareness and education is needed to increase storage on both sides for the betterment of this revolutionary type of medical treatment. Learn more about the power of cord blood stem cells. I honestly feel it will be an eye-opener and you will see fit to take that 5-minute window of opportunity to do what you can to either potentially protect your child's future medical well-being or give that chance to someone else. We all can do our part because what matters the most is that if your baby's cord blood is not discarded, it COULD SAVE A LIFE!!!